Home & Garden & DesignHomeowners September 10, 2019

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Spring cleaning is a ritual for most of us, but what about sprucing up your home and taking care of some maintenance items as the cooler weather approaches? In preparation for spending more time indoors, keep your home in tip top shape by being sure to:

1. Make sure your gutters stay clean and clog free. It’s best to do this before leaves get wet from rain or snow.

2. Check caulking and weather strips around doors and windows.

3. Trim back trees that are too close to your house or other building structures.

4. Check for peeling paint and scrub any mildewed areas you find on your siding.

5. Check for cracks in your foundation, brick or stucco.

6. Repair or clean your furnace filter.

7. Examine your chimney. Clean flue; repair any cracks in flue or any loose or crumbling mortar.

8. Get a roof inspection. Make any repairs as per the inspectors’ recommendation (contact me for a roof inspector referral in your area).